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Thank you for checking out our hale! Pele's Hana 'Ana, also known as Pele's creation, was named to honor the goddess herself for all she has given us on these beautiful islands! You will find so many pay her homage by naming something after her. Thanks to a beautiful vision, we decided to honor Hawaiian tradition of accepting the name given out of respect for all her creations.

Pele's Creation is part of the Wander With We family. We are firm in our beliefs that everyone should travel and experience life first-hand. So many people dream of coming to Hawaii but could never afford resort accommodations. Our hostel has a variety of options for travelers, new or seasoned, and our space is clean and welcoming to all!

White Room
Tourists in Youth Hostel
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Dorm life can be some of the best days you will ever have!

With a spacious two-story building & a large dorm room, you won't have the hustle and bustle of large hostels. 

We also just added a Private Suite - large enough to suit a family of 6 - 8 people!

Did you come to Big Island to swim with the rays or see the active lava flow?

Do you want to zip-line through the jungle or take a dormant lava tube cave tour?

No matter what adventure you came for - Big Island offers that and MUCH more!

Manta Ray
White Sands

Big Island 


There is so much to see and do here on Big Island! If you need recommendations or suggestions we are happy to help!